The invention relates to a capacitive winding which is made of copper wire, has an inductive reactance of zero, is composed of two parallel conductors (1, 2), and is wound like a coil on the soft magnetic core (8). Both conductors (1, 2) are electrically connected at the beginning of the coil by means of a capacitor (3) and are also electrically connected to a capacitor (4) at the end of the coil. The first conductor (1) is connected to a pole of an oscillating power generator (5) at the beginning of the coil, while the second conductor (2) is connected to the second pole of the oscillating power generator at the end of the coil. The capacitive winding is arranged in the stator and rotor grooves of an electric motor, and the capacitors (3, 4) are mounted outside the motor structure. Capacitive current that flows through the windings of an electric motor generates a magnetic field in the gap between the stator and the rotor such that the apparent electric power is converted into effective mechanical power.


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